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The synergy made possible by the combination of our tool set and professional values allows us to offer services related to the following core capabilities:

  • CGI - Computer-Generated Imagery¬†

  • CBT The in-house ability to create and tailor 3D elements plus the strong engineering-related background of our staff are paramount to level of interactivity and effectiveness we deliver in CBT training.
  • CGI - Computer-Generated Imagery Our current CGI capabilities are:
    - Modeling
    - Texturing
    - Animation
    - Real-time application development
    - Rendering
    - Video Post production Deliverables are typically:
    - Objects and/or terrain databases for real-time applications (e.g. 3rd party real-time engines for simulators)
    - Real-time applications (e.g. interactive presentations, games)
    - Pre-rendered digital animation and video (e.g. presentation videos, institutional marketing)
    - Custom 3D Marker Symbols for ESRI (R)
  • CBT - Computer-based training (CBT) products are the outcome of a process involving the contribution of the customer knowledge base and our CGI and training application development team. Customer training requirements are translated into applications (or sets of applications) that integrate multiple support media:
    - pre-rendered digital animation and video
    - text 
    - illustrations
    - 2D vector animation
    - 3D interactive environments and assemblies The attained level of understanding of the topics presented by the content part of the CBT can be evaluated through two methods: - multiple choice tests, with
    questions selected by different criteria from an editable database
    - procedural/interactive scoring, where the student is requested to follow a previously detailed procedure or to combine different pieces of information to solve a proposed problem in an interactive 3D environment (or a networked interactive 3D environment).
  • The advantages of the CBT training are:
    - Content consistency and control: every student has access to the same easily controlled knowledge content
    - Non-subjective, standardized evaluation: evaluation criteria are customizable yet impersonal
    - Knowledge fixation: interactive learning with current state of the art tools is almost equivalent to a hands-on experience
    - Time compression: number of hours needed to deliver training usually lower than conventional training
    - Flexibility: students acquire knowledge at their optimal pace.
    - Reduced costs: presential training needs reduced to a minimum
    - Managerial Information Awareness: detailed scoring reports can be automatically generated and statistically analysed.

Please contact us for detailed information about our capabilities and CBT development workflow.

Tools AnimaGraph make use of industry-leading tools to develop its products and services:
- Alias Maya,
- Discreet 3DS Max,
- Okino NuGraf,
- Adobe Premiere,
- After Effects and
- Photoshop.